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Napsugár Guesthouse

"Where silence heals, where silence can still be heard, where body and soul rest."
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Napsugár Guesthouse

Explore the hidden treasures of Zemplén Mountains
napsugar logó

Napsugár Guesthouse

Enjoy breath of fresh air
napsugar logó

Napsugár Guesthouse

Wellness close to the Nature


Panorama Wellness

On one of the highest spot of the area there is a Finnish sauna cabin and a hydromassage tub will be available from 03. 01. 2023.

1.7 hectare area

Built concrete grill terrace, kettle, cauldron, covered lighted terraces, venison, bacon grills, filagoria, garden toys.

Smart Devices

A 4-point Mesh WiFi network ensures stable internet access everywhere. We are equipped with smart TVs, smart speakers. (Google Cast, Airplay)

Karaoke Club

A room equipped with speakers, microphones and disco lights provides a great experience for both young and old. (synthesizer, guitar)

14 beds

4 air-conditioned apartmans provide comfort for big groups.

Child Friendly

An Empire: trampoline, playground, sandbox, swing, garden toys, NERF, ping-pong table, high chair, crib

About us

Our guesthouse is in a small, cozy village called Rudabányácska in the northern part of the country surrounded by forests with wonderful climate and clean mountain air. Rudabányácska is located in the beautiful Zemplén mountains in the neighborhood of Sátoraljaújhely. The guesthouse welcomes families and group of friends all year round who want to go on holiday and relax.

Tokaj-Zemplén is one of the richest region of Hungary in terms of nature, history and culture. All the beauty and untouched nature, diversity of historical monuments, variety of cultural events and the taste of Tokaj wine mix with each other and provide unforgettable experiences and memories for guests visiting this region.


Zemplén Kalandpark Zipline

5 perc

You can slope down from the Magas-hill to the Szár-hegy. The extreme zipline is unique in Hungary.

Zemplén Kalandpark Summer Toboggan

You slide down with an absolutely safe trolley fixed on four tubes. On the track, the cars roll on four wheels, equipped with centrifugal brakes.

Zemplén Adventure Park Chairlift

5 perc

Hungary's longest charilift in Sátoraljaújhely awaits all year-round hikers and sports enthusiasts

Magas-hegyi outlook

5 perc

The view from the lookout tower at the top of Magas–hegy is magnificent in winter and summer: the wonderful panorama of Bodrogközi opens before us.

Via Ferrata

12,4 km

The country's fourth via ferrata track was built on the vertical rock walls of Tengerszem in Megyer-hegy. 37 traditional climbing walls have also been created on the surrounding rock walls.

canopy walkway

5 perc

The view from the canopy walkway at the top of Magas–hegy is magnificent in winter and summer: the wonderful panorama of Bodrogközi opens before us.

Climbing Wall Center

The climbing surface is a total of 600 m2. It is the highest indoor climbing wall in Hungary and one of the highest in Central Europe. Its indoor height is 18 meters.

Castle of Füzér

The Füzér castle is a medieval castle that stands on a volcanic mountain.

Castle of Újhely

The steel structure walkway, which follows the contour of the western castle wall and the tower excavated here, and ends at a vantage point 16 meters high above the northwest tower, offers a unique panorama in every season.

Castle of Boldogkő

The castle was first mentioned as Castrum Boldua, in 1282 a III. Based on a certificate issued by Endre.

Castle of Rákóczi

The historic building, which is one of the most valuable ensembles of Hungarian Renaissance architecture, is now a museum.

Castle of Regéc

According to the decree of Emperor Lipót I, General Caprara demolished the castle in 1686, and since then only its ruins have stood.

The Károlyi Castle Füzérradvány

It was built by Ede Károlyi in the second half of the 19th century, based on the designs of Miklós Ybl. From the outside, the building exudes an atmosphere of romance, but in its rooms, visitors are welcomed by unadulterated Italian Renaissance.

Hungarian Calvary

It is the most visited historical monument in Sátoraljaújhely, which was divided by the Trianon decree. On the promenade, 14 stations commemorate the attached cities.

Mansion of Ferenc Rakoczi II.

II. Ferenc Rákóczi was born here on March 27, 1676. Rákóczi's birth house is a rectangular, thick-walled, fortified building with loopholes, built at the beginning of the 17th century.

Museum of Hungarian Language

The modern and imposing building of this institution, which is unique in Europe and yet fits into the landscape, was designed by YBL award-winning architect György Radványi.

Mágóchy castle

The Mágóchy Castle in Pácin is the largest Renaissance castle in Hungary, the only one in the country that provides an authentic picture of Hungary's late Renaissance castle architecture.

Tarn of Megyer-hegy

The deepest point of the lake is nearly seven meters deep, and seventy-meter rock walls rise above the water surface. In a 2011 poll, it proved to be the country's most beautiful natural wonder.


31,3 km

One of the famous ormas of Zemplén offers a mountain panorama. From the center of the closed, densely divided mountainous terrain, we can see its diverse valley system.


39,9 km

Although there is no wide panorama, from the cliff of Sólyom-bérc you can still enjoy one of the most atmospheric mountain views in Zemplén.

Forest Train of Palhaza

It is one of the oldest operating forest train. Its specialty is the line leading through the ever-narrowing valley, where it passes through a tunnel carved into the rock of the stone gate at the Kőkapu stop..


Count László Károlyi built it on the model of Swiss hunting castles in the 19th century. and XX. at the turn of the century. It is also a popular destination for tourists who like clean, peaceful nature.

Zemplén Adventure Park

6 adventure hiking trails of varying difficulty await you, at the end of which a 60 m long "CANOPY" cableway will make your hike more memorable.

Mountain Bike

Untouched nature and forest paths of Zemplen Mountains offer outstanding opportunity for bikers.

bodrog kayaing

The fabulous landscapes of Hegyalja are embraced from the south by the wild Bodrogzug, which is the last untouched water empire of our country. The unregulated, dam-free river is a wonderful location for water tours.

Ski Slope

In suitable weather conditions, the 1 km long, 13 snow cannons can snow the adult and children's pistes.


Visitors to the restaurant receive an overcoat and have the opportunity to try out individual weapons and shields while waiting for their food.

Rákóczi Restaurant

Our restaurant awaits its guests with a panoramic terrace, a constantly updated offer, a daily menu and the most delicious local specialties.

Harsányi Winery

It serves as a perfect resting place for tired hikers, hungry and thirsty adventurers, enthusiastic wine lovers, and an unmissable destination for anyone who really wants to experience the spirit of the Tokaj Mountains.

Szilágyi Winery

Provides cellar visits and wine tastings of medal-winning wines and serve hot and cold home-made meals upon request.

Zsolyomkai pincesor

About 800 meters from the center of Sátoraljaújhely is the Zsólyomkai Winery, which was created between 1200 and 1400 and welcomes visitors both in winter and summer.


wines that are good. foods that are good. and other. when will you come? if you are curious. if you've been here. if not already. if you want to taste it and buy it. if you have an idea. if not. if you're there, come and visit us!


Zemplén's best scone is in Pálháza. Plain and filled scones. If you want real try out authentic hungarian street food.


...silence, tranquility, nature, Zemplén.. A few years ago, we had a huge birthday party at the guest house. That year, 3 of us from the team became mothers.. Now we returned a little differently, already with the children. I'm soaking up as much of this moment as I can. This place suits us now.


A large group can also be comfortably accommodated. Well-equipped kitchen, smartly arranged rooms, many entertainment options (karaoke, disco room, darts, foosball, swing, slide, etc.) Garden grill, kettle, for which everything is available. Helpful, friendly owner.

Sára P.

Anyone looking for relaxation, silence, and a beautiful environment from the stressful, rushing world of everyday life will find what they need here. The owner is very kind and helpful, the rooms are nice and clean. There are many attractions in the area. I think everyone can find what they like to do.

Béla V.


For long term booking, children get a unique offer!

03.01. - 11.01.:

0-10 persons
110 000 Ft / house / night

10+ persons:
11 000 Ft / house / night

11.01. - 03.01.:

0-14 persons
110 000 Ft / house / night

The prices include the heating fee,
tourist tax and service fees.

Our prices are in Hungarian Forints! We reserve the right to change prices.

Frequently Asked Questions

The kitchen is fully equipped, so you only need to buy the raw materials. You can find: induction hob, dishwasher, coffee maker (DeLonghi EC221B, Bialetti knocker), toaster, kettle, freezer, tools for cooking, pot roasting, grilling and serving.

Yes. We are a pet-friendly accommodation, so of course you can bring your pet. Please inform us of the animal's arrival when booking!

Yes. The rooms have gas heating and GREE inverter air conditioners optimized for heating, and the disco room has a fireplace.